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Experience in cross‐border cooperation activities

Compared to other Eastern Partnership territorial cooperation programmes, the regions within this programme area can boast the most extensive experience in
ENPI cross‐border cooperation (CBC) activities where EU member states are involved. The Neighbourhood Programme Ukraine‐Romania was implemented in 2004‐2006 with the funds from TACIS (6.5m EUR), PHARE (29m EUR) and national contribution from Romania of 9.183m EUR. The programme focused on support to local development, enhancing trans‐border infrastructure and people‐to‐people contacts. It encompassed Zakarpattya, Ivan‐Frankivsk, Odesa and Chernivtsi regions of Ukraine. A similar Neighbourhood Programme in the same period was implemented between Romania and Republic of Moldova. The assessment of these two programmes highlighted the relevance of the locally developed projects to the regional needs and regional development

Organisations of Moldova and Odesa oblast take part in two ENPI CBC programmes: Romania‐Ukraine‐Republic of Moldova Joint Operational Programme 2007‐2013 and Black Sea Joint Operational Programme 2007‐2013.
Chernivtsi oblast is an eligible region in the programme Romania‐Ukraine‐Republic of Moldova and is involved as an adjacent region in another ENPI CBC Hungary‐Slovakia‐Romania‐Ukraine programme with a limited participation. Vinnytsya oblast may participate in the programme Romania‐Ukraine‐Republic of Moldova as an adjacent region. Participation in the ENPI CBC programmes has helped the regions to increase understanding of joint problematic
across the borders and develop a strong project base for cross‐border partnerships. Results of recent calls for proposals in the ENPI CBC programmes can be as an illustration: out of total number of 1060 concept notes submitted in response to the second call (2011) in the programme Romania‐Ukraine‐Republic of Moldova, 272 came from Moldovan institutions, and 141 – from Ukraine.

Strengths‐Weaknesses‐Opportunities‐Threats (SWOT) analysis

Source: Moldova – UkraineJoint Operational Programme

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