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About the project

Project name

Rural tourism – a sure step towards boosting the cross-border cooperation between districts of Soroca (Republic of Moldova) and Yampil (Ukraine, Vinnytsya Oblast).


European Commission  through Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes, Cross Border Cooperation Progamme Moldova-Ukraine.


Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”

Addres: Iacob Hancu 10/1, Chisinau, MD-2005, Republica of Moldova

Partner institution

Partner no.1:

Yampil district state administration

Address: Vinnytsa region, Yampil district, 132 Lenin Street, Postcode – 24500, Yampil, Ukraine

Email address: ludajam08@gmail.com

Telephone no: +380 975 054 389

Partner no.2:

Soroca District Council

Address: 5 Stefan cel Mare Street, Soroca, MD-3000, Republic of Moldova

Email address: stela.zabrian@mail.ru

Telephone no: +373 69 68 42 59

Summary of the project

The preparation and involvement of local authorities, service providers, citizens in the activities related to rural tourism requires an impetus and strategic vision at the cross-border development of this field.

Currently public authorities of both level I (local) and level II (district) in Soroca and Yampil districts, as decision makers claim, do not have a common vision of rural tourism development in terms of cross-border cooperation. In that context, it is emphasized that there is no communication at the level of business community either, all the more a common vision of cross-border business development.

The project will provide solutions aimed to improve this issue related to common vision and joint program through a range of activities jointly organized by Moldovan and Ukrainian partners. The development and subsequent implementation of the program, the joint Moldovan-Ukrainian Association activity and, obviously, other project activities will contribute to the development of a common vision regarding the rural tourism development in this border area and boost the culture of coordinating Moldovan-Ukrainian efforts aiming at solving problems pertaining to rural development.

The level of understanding and management skills of local governments concerning the development of rural tourism, as they admit themselves, do not meet the expectations. In this respect another group of activities will focus on increasing managerial capacities and skills of service providers in the field of rural tourism through joint activities (workshops, trainings, festivals, touristic guide, touristic map, study visits, etc.). The third group of activities (trainings, workshops, investment actions for cultural public institutions (from Soroca and Yampol) for small infrastructure works etc.) will increase the capacity of local and regional authorities to become effective in the policy matters for a proper social-economic border cooperation. Accordingly, will be consolidated the coordination of activities, at bilateral level, regarding the tourism development. The last, but not least group of activities is linked to the visibility of the project on both sides of the border – both in Moldova (Soroca) as well as in Ukraine (Yampil).  This will be ensured through creation of website, visibility materials, launching conferences, documentary film, press-releases etc.

Also, will be ensured a joint project management and Moldovan-Ukrainian communication.

Wider objective

To strengthen the capacities of tourism service providers and local authorities from Soroca and Yampil to develop the rural tourism through cross-border cooperation.

Expected Outputs

Result no.1. A joint vision entrenched and a comprehensive Moldovan-Ukrainian program on developing rural tourism in Soroca and Yampil districts implemented

Result no.2. Increased the level of understanding and management skills of local authorities on supporting the rural tourism services providers

Result no.3. Strengthened the capacities and increased the number of rural tourism service providers from the target districts

Result no.4. Increased the visibility of the target districts and the number of tourists in Soroca and Yampil districts


This website www.sorocayampiltur.info was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of IDIS “Viitorul”, Yampil District State Administration (Ukraine, Vinnytsya Oblast) and Soroca District Council (Republic of Moldova) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.